Flight Deals

The flight deals on this page are offered at the reduced price shown only on the days and times listed below. They are flights that someone else has already booked but those passengers are only travelling in one direction, leaving the opposite direction available as shown below.
HST will be added to prices.

Ride-along Flights between Seaforth & Wingham
(or occasionally between Seaforth & Goderich)

$165 return (that’s only $55 each for a group of 3)
mid-afternoon : Seaforth to Wingham)
return flight just before sunset: Wingham to Seaforth
see our online booking page for availability
pricing is for the planeload of up to 3 passengers (it is not a per person price)
20/25 min gift certificates can also be used for ride-along flights

Seaforth to Lucan for 2 people

$75 one way for the planeload to go directly to Lucan
$100 return for the planeload (often this includes the opportunity to fly in one plane to Lucan and in a different plane back to Seaforth).
Available occasionally when we are flying one of the planes to Lucan for scheduled maintenance
Contact us for upcoming availability or to ask to be notified when there will be a flight available.

Other Specials

We occasionally have other special flight opportunities come up. Watch our Papple Aviation Facebook page for details.

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