Prices listed are for a planeload and can be divided by up to 3 passengers in your group.

Flights from our Seaforth-area farm

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25 min flight : $139 ($46.33/person in a group of 3) +hst
45 min flight: $189 ($63/person in a group of 3) +hst
70 min flight: $249 ($83/person in a group of 3) +hst
90 min flight: $319 ($106.33/person in a group of 3) +hst
additional flight time beyond 70 mins is $3.50/min + hst

Flights from Goderich Airport

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20 min flight: $139 ($46.33/person in a group of 3) +hst
40 min flight: $189 ($63/person in a group of 3) +hst
60 min flight: $249 ($83/person in a group of 3) +hst
additional flight time beyond 60 mins is $3.50/min + hst

Specialty longer flights from Seaforth, Goderich, London, Wingham, & Centralia

Contact us for availability.

Tobermory, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Pelee Island, Custom flights

Ride-along flights between Seaforth & Goderich

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We offer ride-along flights from Seaforth-Goderich and from Goderich-Seaforth seasonally on Saturdays when we are already going that way. This is a good way to experience a flight at a reduced cost! Click here for ride-along details.

Meal Stops

During non-peak season we may be able to include meal stops as part of flights that are 45mins or longer. Meal stops cost an extra $40/hour of waiting time in addition to the price of the flight. When booking your flight please let us know if you’re interested in a meal stop.

Air Taxi

We also offer air taxi within Ontario at $2.35/nm (nautical mile) while passengers in the plane and $1.75/nm repositioning fee when passengers are not in the plane. We are able to charge the repositioning flight at a discounted rate because we occasionally are able to find passengers to pay to go along for part of the repositioning flight.

Other Services

Other services we offer include: aerial crop scouting, surveying, photography, and more – please see “Our Services” for details.

Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer

All of our services are weather-permitting and are available during daylight hours.
Prices are before tax, 13% hst will be added to all prices listed.

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