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Local Scenic Flights

Local sightseeing flights are offered regularly from our farm runway near Seaforth, as well as from Goderich, Wingham, Port Elgin, and Lucan airports. Scenic flights from London airport are also available. Our regular pricing is for a planeload and includes up to 3 passengers in your group (not a per person price). Our website shows popular flight routes and we’re also happy to modify or customize routes to suit your interests, at no extra cost. Mornings and evenings are typically the smoothest times to fly, which is reflected in flight availability.

Longer Scenic Flights

Sightseeing flights to explore popular sights beyond the local area, such as Niagara Falls and Tobermory, are available regularly from our farm runway near Seaforth and from Goderich airport. If you’d like to design your own route to include personal points of interest we’d be happy to work with you on a custom route. Our pricing is per nautical mile flown and is the same for both our popular routes and customized routes.

Air Taxi Service

We offer air taxi service between points within Ontario during daylight hours. Air taxi is most popular for routes that aren’t flown by the major airlines. One of our most popular destinations is Gore Bay, on Manitoulin Island, as we can get you there from Seaforth or Goderich in 2 hours or less! See our Air Taxi page for details and pricing to popular airports.

Aerial Photography Flights

If you’re an avid amateur photographer looking for unique photo opportunities, a scenic flight provides a very interesting perspective (see our scenic flight pricing)! We also fly with conservation authority photographers for the purpose of photographing and monitoring lakeshore erosion and watershed conditions. We offer flight + photography packages for conservation authorities who would like us to take the photos, we’re happy to provide references upon request. Photography flights for real estate photographers, aerial farm photographers, and other professional photographers are also available.

Aerial Crop Scouting

We regularly fly our own farms to scout field and crop conditions. We can provide a package of flights throughout the growing season to take you over your farms during important stages of crop and weed growth.  We’ll work with you to develop a flexible schedule and pricing based on your farm locations and scouting needs. Partner up with farm neighbours to share the flight costs. Please Contact us to discuss options.

Parcel Delivery and Pick-up

We can pick up and deliver small parcels for you between most airports at our air taxi pricing.  For farmers, this is a great option during planting and harvest time if you need a replacement part right away and can’t afford the time to drive to get it. Please Contact us for more information.

*All of our services are weather-permitting and are available during daylight hours.
13% hst will be added to all prices listed.
Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer


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