Bookings & Availability

We fly during daylight hours, weather permitting.
We can take up to 3 passengers, aged 2 and up, per flight.
We recommend booking at least a day in advance but we’re happy to take same-day bookings when we have availability.

Seaforth Availability

(online booking form coming soon)


6 days/week (closed Tuesdays) 9am-noon & 4pm-sunset
Please contact us for longer specialty routes (Niagara Falls, Tobermory, etc)

November & April

Saturdays, Sundays, & Wednesdays: 10am-noon & 4pm-sunset

December – March

Flights offered occasionally when weather and runway conditions allow. Contact us to discuss options.

Goderich Availability

(online booking form coming soon)

May-Thanksgiving only

Saturdays 4pm-just before sunset for scenic flights up to 1.5 hours
Please contact us for longer specialty routes (Niagara Falls, Tobermory, etc)

London, Centralia, & Wingham Availability

Short scenic flights up to 2 hours are only available from Seaforth and Goderich. Longer specialty flights (Niagara Falls, Tobermory, etc.) are available from London, Centralia/Exeter, and Wingham airports. Our planes are kept at our Seaforth farm so pricing will include our travel cost to your point of departure and will be $50+ more than our prices listed from Seaforth, please contact us for exact pricing for flights from London, Centralia, & Wingham.

The smoothest flight times are usually before lunch and after supper, which is reflected in our available flight times listed above.

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