Scenic flights are most enjoyable in the mornings and evenings, when conditions are smoother. This is reflected in the times we make available for online booking.


March & April

weekends and some weekdays, as weather allows
online booking available

May to mid-November

6 days/week (closed Mondays, except holidays)
online booking available

Winter months

available occasionally
please phone or email to book


early May-late October

Saturdays: 3pm until evening
alternating Wednesdays & Sundays: 4pm until evening


early May-late October

alternating Wednesdays & Sundays: 4pm until evening


by appointment

contact us by phone or email to book


Mid-afternoon flights from Seaforth to either Goderich or Wingham with a stop, followed by a return evening flight to Seaforth are available at a special price when we are going that way. See above availability for Goderich and Wingham for an idea of when these flights will be offered.

Special Offers

Special offers are posted here sporadically and also to Facebook & Instagram.
Here’s an example of one from March, 2021.

This flight has been booked and is no longer available, watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for more special flight deals!

Flights during daylight hours, weather permitting.
Prices include up to 3 passengers in your group, ages 2 and older can fly.

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