Questions & Answers

How many passengers can a flight accommodate?
Prices are per flight, not per person, so the flight price is the same whether there are 1, 2, or 3 passengers.  We can easily accommodate up to 3 passengers with a combined weight of up to 500lbs from Seaforth and 600lbs from Goderich and other airports.  If your combined group weight is over this we may still be able to accommodate your group, please mention this when booking.

What ages can fly?
Anyone aged 2 and up can fly.  Every passenger must be in his or her own seatbelt (children cannot ride on someone’s lap).

How do we pay for our flight?
We usually just ask for payment after the flight and payment is by cash, e-transfer to, or cheque.  We don’t take credit cards or debit.  For longer flights or flights departing from airports other than Seaforth and Goderich we may ask for a deposit upon booking.  

What if the weather isn’t suitable on the date of our booked flight?
We want your flight to be comfortable and enjoyable so if it is too windy, the clouds are too low, or the weather isn’t suitable for any other reason we may need to reschedule your flight.  While we, as pilots, and our plane can handle windier conditions we prefer to take passengers on nice days so that you can enjoy the scenery and the experience.

What if I don’t feel well during a flight?
While it’s not common to feel unwell during a flight, it can happen and we carry bags, just like airliners do, for all passengers.  If you start to feel at all unwell during the flight please let your pilot know right away.

Can I take photos?

Can I choose specific sites I’d like to see that aren’t listed in the example flights?
Yes, we can custom design a flight to see any attractions you’re interested in at no extra cost.  For example, a 45min. scenic flight of our of our popular routes is the same price as a 45min. custom flight.  Contact us for more information.

How should I dress for a flight? 
In the summer the climate in the plane is similar to outside, we have air vents for each seat, which provide a cooling breeze but we don’t have air conditioning.  There is heat for flights in the colder months.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please send us an email.

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