Flights between Goderich & Toronto Island

New in 2023 we’re offering flights between Goderich and Toronto Island on Friday evenings, returning on Sunday afternoons for those in the Goderich area to spend the weekend in the city and for those from Toronto to spend a weekend in the Goderich area.

Early evening on Fridays we’ll fly passengers from Goderich and drop them off at Toronto Island. We’ll then pick up passengers at Toronto Island and fly them to Goderich.

Sunday, mid-afternoon, we’ll fly the group from Toronto back to Toronto Island where we’ll pick up the passengers returning to Goderich.


*Note: Pricing is for a planeload, not per person, so for a group of 3 people it would be $330+hst each; for a group of 2 people it would be $495+hst each

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