Scenic Flights: How to create your own route.

Are there specific properties or places you’d like to see from above?  With Google Earth you can easily mark on a map what you would like to see, which will help ensure that we don’t miss any important places on our flight.  The purpose is to highlight the places of interest, the path between the points isn’t of great importance but I will use your route as guideline and we can easily deviate from the route if you’d like.   It only takes a few minutes and once you’ve created your map you can email it to us so that we have it loaded onto our iPad and ready for your flight.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Earth and zoom in to the area you’re interested in seeing on your flight.
  2. In the toolbar across the top, click on the icon to “add path” (if you don’t see a toolbar along the top, click on “view” and then “toolbar”)
  3. In the box that pops up give your route a name and move the box out of your way so you can create your route (don’t hit “ok” yet or close the box).
  4. To create your route you can click individual spots on the map or you can click and hold while you move around the map to drop a lot of dots – either way will work (if you make a mistake just hit the “delete” or “backspace” button to remove the previous point).   You can use the zoom feature in the top right to zoom in “+” and zoom out “-” while you’re creating your route.  If you want to see an exact property, as opposed to a whole town, zoom in and click and hold to draw a small circle around the property.  If you’d like to circle a whole town click and hold to draw a large circle that’s approximately around the town.  If it’s a field, draw a square around the perimeter of the field by clicking once on each corner.  This will highlight to me on my iPad that this is a place of interest that you’d like to see.
  5. Once your map is complete click “ok” in the box that popped up in step 3.
  6. On the side toolbar make sure the name of your map has a checkmark beside it and that you’ve clicked on it so that the name is highlighted.  Click on “file”, “save”, “save place as” and then made note of what location on your computer it will be saved and click “save.”
  7. Attach the file you just saved (it will end in .kmz) and email it to us:
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