Popular Routes from Lucan

For the 2023 season we will be offering flights from Lucan airport 1 day per week from early summer until fall. All of our standard gift certificates (20min, 40min, 60min, & 80min) can be used from Lucan in 2023, even if the gift certificate was issued in the past and doesn’t list Lucan airport as an option.

All flights on this page start and end at Lucan Airport, just southwest of the town of Lucan.
Prices are for the planeload, including up to 3 passengers in your group.
Click on a map to see the route in Google Maps. Routes shown are the general area of the flight, they can be modified to include areas of interest to you or you can create a custom 20min, 40min, 60min, or 80min route at no extra charge.

$185 +hst (includes up to 3 passengers)
Popular 20 min.* routes from Lucan
  • Red: Centralia
  • Purple: Centralia & Exeter
  • Blue: St. Mary’s
  • Yellow: Parkhill
  • Green: Masonville (north London)
$235 +hst (includes up to 3 passengers)
Popular 40 min.*routes from Lucan
  • Purple: Stratford, St. Mary’s
  • Blue: Parkhill, Port Franks, Grand Bend
  • Green: Grand Bend, Exeter
  • Red: London (UWO, Fork of the Thames), Strathroy
  • Turquoise: London City Tour
$295 +hst (includes up to 3 passengers)
Popular 60 min.* routes from Lucan
  • Turquoise: Grand Bend, Bayfield, Hullet Marsh
  • Pink: Komoka, Glencoe, Watford
  • Purple:Arkona, Forest, Grand Bend
  • Red: London, St. Thomas, Port Stanley
  • Green: St. Mary’s, Woodstock, Ingersoll, London
$370 +hst (includes up to 3 passengers)
Popular 80 min.* routes from Lucan
  • Blue: Port Franks, Goderich, Clinton
  • Green: Port Burwell, Port Stanley
  • Purple: Sarnia

*Please note that flight times are approximate and can vary depending on wind conditions. Maps show the general route of each flight, if you want to see something specific along the route, such as a small town or property, please let us know before departure so that we can ensure that we fly over the area of interest to you. We can also modify any route shown or create a custom route based on your interests, at the same prices shown for each flight time.

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