Other Services

We are pleased to offer the following services*:

Aerial sightseeing flights
starting at 25mins are offered regularly from Seaforth and Goderich.  We also fly from Wingham, Centralia and London airports (pricing) by appointment for flights of 2+ hours.  We offer custom tours and adjustable package flights in the local area and beyond.  

Air taxi service
Available within Ontario during daylight hours and charged as a round-trip package (even if passengers are only travelling one way)
See our pricing.
Most airports don’t have landing or ramp fees, but Toronto Island, Hamilton, Sudbury, and a few other airports do, these fees will be added to the cost of the flight.  

Pilot waiting time is charged at $40/hour, if you would like us to fly you somewhere, wait, and then bring you back. 

we can take up to 3 passengers with a combined weight of up to 600 lbs from airports and 500 lbs from our farm, we may also be able to accommodate heavier groups on a case-by-case basis.

Aerial crop scouting
A package of flights throughout the growing season to take you over your farms during important stages of crop and weed growth.  Contact us for information about a package of flights throughout the season.

Aerial photography flights – see details below
If you’re looking for an opportunity to take aerial photos of a particular area or photos for the purpose of selling farm photos or real estate we can take you on an aerial photography flight (see our pricing page).

Aerial surveying
We have an NDVI camera to photos showing the vegetative health of your crops.  

Parcel delivery and pick-up
We can pick up and deliver small parcels for you between most airports, (see our pricing page).  For farmers this is a great option during planting and harvest time if you need a replacement part right away and can’t afford the time to drive to get it.

*All of our services are weather-permitting and are available during daylight hours.  Prices are before tax, 13% hst will be added to all prices listed.

Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer


We enjoy flying aerial photographers and we have developed a good system for tracking our flight paths, making it easier for the photographer to know exactly where we’ve flown.  Our iPad navigation ensures we know where towers and other obstacles are to stay safe while following your desired route, which can be overlaid on our iPad map.

Rates & Conditions:
Aerial photographers often require very specific sky conditions, beyond what is needed for scenic flights, resulting in frequent flight cancellations and lost income for us when the weather is actually ideal for scenic flights.  To ensure it makes financial sense for us to take photographers’ bookings (that have a high cancellation rate), we have implemented a stand-by/booking fee for aerial photographers:

As of Jan. 1, 2019 there is a $20/hour stand-by fee if you would like to book a time slot for us to hold open for you.  If you book a time-slot and fly for the entire time booked the entire stand-by fee will be subtracted from the cost of your flight.  If your flight is cancelled by us because the weather is not suitable for scenic flights you will be refunded the booking fee.  Any time you have booked that is suitable flying weather but that you choose not to fly, your stand-by fee will be our payment for holding your time slot open.

Flying time is charged at our regular pricing (hourly discount for flights over 2 hours), minus any pre-paid stand-by fee for each hour.

Pricing examples:

A photographer books 11am-2pm (3 hours).  The photographer pays $60 for the pilot and plane to be on stand-by and available during that time (we will not take other flight bookings during that time).  If the photographer chooses to fly for 2.5 hours during his 3 hour booking he will be charged $20 less per hour flown, since the booking fee has already been paid.


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