2023 Prices

Prices listed are for a planeload and can be divided by up to 3 passengers in your group.

Flights from our Seaforth-area farm

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25 min flight : $185 ($55/person in a group of 3) +hst
45 min flight: $235 ($71.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
70 min flight: $295 ($91.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
90 min flight: $370 ($116.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
additional flight time beyond 70 mins is $3.50/min + hst

Flights from Goderich, Wingham, Port Elgin, & Lucan airports

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20 min flight: $185 ($55/person in a group of 3) +hst
40 min flight: $235 ($71.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
60 min flight: $295 ($91.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
80 min flight: $370 ($116.67/person in a group of 3) +hst
additional flight time beyond 60 mins is $3.50/min + hst

Specialty longer flights are also available from Seaforth, Goderich, and London

Tobermory, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, and more!
Prices are listed along with each route from Seaforth and Goderich on our Flight Routes page.

Ride-along flights between Seaforth & Wingham

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We offer ride-along flights from Seaforth-Wingham and from Wingham-Seaforth seasonally when we are already going that way. This is a good way to experience a flight at a reduced cost! Click here for ride-along details.

Meal Stops

Meal stops can be added to many flights of 45 mins or longer that go over an airport that has a restaurant on site or nearby. Meal stops cost an extra $40/hour of waiting time in addition to the price of the flight.

Air Taxi

We also offer air taxi within Ontario at $2.50/nm (nautical miles), minimum $275+hst. Popular locations are Manitoulin Island, Toronto Island, and Muskoka. See our Air Taxi page for pricing and details.

Other Services

Other services we offer include: aerial crop scouting, surveying, photography, and more – please see “Our Services”.

Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer

All of our services are weather-permitting and are available during daylight hours.
Prices are before tax, 13% hst will be added to all prices listed.

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