Pricing & Availability

We offer gift certificates!
Contact us to have a gift certificate sent by email


Our prices listed are for a planeload and can be divided by up to 3 passengers in your group.

Please let us know if your group’s combined weight is over 500lbs for flights from Seaforth or 600lbs for flights from airports

Flights from our farm, near Seaforth
available just about any time & includes extra flight time over our airport pricing
25 min flight : $125 +hst ($41.67/person in a group of 3)
45 min flight: $175 +hst ($58.33/person in a group of 3)
70 min flight: $235 +hst ($78.33/person in a group of 3)
additional flight time beyond 70 mins is $3.50/min

Flights from Goderich
available on Saturday evenings from late spring-early fall
20 min flight: $125+hst ($41.67/person in a group of 3)
40 min flight: $175 +hst ($58.33/person in a group of 3)
60 min flight: $235 +hst ($78.33/person in a group of 3)
additional flight time beyond 70 mins is $3.50/min

Highlighted packages – available just about anytime from
Seaforth, Goderich, London, Wingham, and Centralia:

Tobermory, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Pelee Island, Custom flights

Ride-along flights from the farm
If your schedule is flexible and you’d like to experience a flight at a reduced cost, let us know.  We offer ride-along flights, priced per seat, to fly with us from the farm to Goderich some Saturdays when we’re already going that way and don’t have passengers booked.
Click here for ride-along details.

(please also see our Examples of Scenic Flights and Sightseeing Maps links)
All flights are eligible for a waiting time of up to the same length of time as the flight time, for example: We can fly you to go out for lunch – if the flight time is 1 hour round trip we will wait up to about 1 hour while you enjoy your lunch, additional waiting time is charged at $40/hour.

We are also happy to offer air taxi, aerial crop scouting, surveying, photography, and more – please see “Our Services” for details.

Payment by cash, cheque, or e-transfer

*All of our services are weather-permitting and are available during daylight hours Prices are before tax, 13% hst will be added to all prices listed.

It’s best to book at least a day in advance but we also take same-day bookings if we’re available.

SEAFORTH (the farm)
Any length of flight from our farm is available any day and time.  Flights from the farm are longer than flights from airports, for no additional cost.

Any length of flight is available on Saturdays: late afternoon – sunset (May- Thanksgiving)
Longer flights (Tobermory, Niagara Falls, etc.) available by appointment

Longer flights (Tobermory, Niagara Falls, etc.) available by appointment

We keep our plane at the farm so we also offer a ride-along from our farm strip to Goderich airport when we are headed there.  See the flight deals page for details.

During the hot summer months the smoothest flight times are usually before lunch and after supper, though we’re happy to fly through the afternoon, as well.

We fly during daylight hours year-round, weather permitting.
We fly from Goderich, Wingham, Centralia, and London airports and we can also fly you from any of these 4 airports to most other airports in Ontario.  Our plane is a 4-seater so we can take up to 3 passengers with a combined weight of up to 600 lbs (if your group’s combined weight is over 600lbs (500lbs from Seaforth) we can often still accomodate you) .

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