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Flights Further Afield
(2021 Prices coming soon):

These are special flights we’ve put together to highlight some of Southwestern Ontario’s spectacular scenery – see it from the air for a new perspective!  Any route can be modified to suit you.

Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula shoreline:
IMG_3767Follow the Lake Huron shoreline past the Bruce Nuclear Plant to Tobermory.  You’ll see Manitoulin Island in the distance and view the town of Tobermory, Little Tub and Big Tub, with the 2 sunken ships visible from the air!  We’ll also fly over the Grotto and you may catch a glimpse of the ChiChiMaun ferry on it’s way between Manitoulin Island and Tobermory.  Optional stop in Wiarton may be available for an additional fee.

Pelee Island:
IMG_1853 (1)Fly to Canada’s southernmost point, enjoying interesting scenery, including Rondeau Bay, Point Pelee, and the Lake Erie shoreline along the way.  Optional stop at Pelee Island airport or Lemington airport may be available for an additional fee.

Niagara Falls:

View the world-renowned Canadian Falls and American Falls from above and enjoy other area sights, including: the Niagara Gorge, Welland Canal, and MarineLand.  Optional stop may be available at Welland or Brantford Airport for an additional fee.

Toronto & the CN Tower:

Enjoy a unique flight from Southwestern Ontario along the Toronto shoreline and view the CN Tower from a new perspective!  Optional stop may be available for an additional fee.

Hiking and lunch in Killarney:
IMG_1063Follow the Lake Huron shoreline to the Tobermory area, crossing over the islands that separate Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, to land at Killarney.  Killarney airport is walking distance from the town and shore, spend a few hours hiking along the shore line and exploring the area on foot.  Bring a picnic lunch or enjoy fish and chips in town.  Includes 3-4 hours in Killarney.

Custom Flights (pricing):
We always offer custom flights – whether you’d like a short flight to see specific towns and landmarks in the local area or a longer flight to go further afield.  We can fly wherever you’d like on a custom flight, it doesn’t cost any more than our suggested routes, just let us know the places you’d like to see from the air and we’ll let you know how much flight time it will take.  If you would like to see something that you think may be hard to spot from the air, you can create your own flight map, which can be added to the pilot’s iPad aviation.



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