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Update, June 18th, 2021: Scenic flights have resumed! You can book online for flights from now until Oct/Nov.

*After booking a flight you should see a screen confirming that your flight has successfully been booked and you should also receive an email confirmation. If you don’t see these 2 confirmations please contact us to make sure that we have received your booking. If you prefer to book by phone, email, or text please leave us a message with your phone number and details and we will get back to you by the end of the day (sooner if able).

Examples of Past Special Offers

This was a last-minute deal at a reduced price to join us for breakfast when we were already going for a personal flight. You can book a meal flight to Wiarton almost anytime by clicking above on the “Breakfast and Activity Flights” or you can watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for more special flight deals like this one!

London, Centralia, & Wingham Availability

Short scenic flights up to 2 hours are only available from Seaforth and Goderich. Longer specialty flights (Niagara Falls, Tobermory, etc.) are available from London, Centralia/Exeter, and Wingham airports. Our planes are kept at our Seaforth farm so pricing will include our travel cost to your point of departure and will be $50+ more than our prices listed from Seaforth, please contact us for exact pricing for flights from London, Centralia, & Wingham.

The smoothest flight times are usually before lunch and after supper, which is reflected in our available flight times listed above.
Flights during daylight hours, weather permitting.
Prices include up to 3 passengers in your group, ages 2 and older can fly.

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