Air Taxi

We offer air taxi flights between points within Ontario for up to 3 passengers during daylight hours.
Please see our Facebook group where you can communicate with others who may be interested in flying the empty leg of your air taxi trip to save you both money
(since we have to charge for all the miles the plane flies).

Weekend Air Taxi between Toronto Island and Goderich:

Air taxi between Toronto Island and Goderich is available for weekend trips, for more information and pricing please click on the link below:

Air Taxi Locations & Pricing from Seaforth

Air taxi flights are charged as a round-trip flight, even if passengers in your group are only travelling one way. Pricing is $2.75/nautical mile (this works out to about $1.48/km). Details below are for flights from Seaforth, flights from Goderich are also available at a slightly different cost, due to distance differences.

If your destination isn’t listed above please look at the price of a destination near where you’re going in order to get a rough idea of the price. If this is within your budget and you would like to get a firm price and are ready to book the flight please contact us.


*All prices shown include up to 3 passengers (prices are not per person) with a combined weight of up to 500 lbs (Seaforth) and 600 lbs (most other airports)
*a fuel surcharge may be added for prices over $2/L (before tax)
*HST will be added to the above prices.
*For Toronto Island the airport charges a landing fee (approx. $25) + parking/drop-off fee ($20-80, depending on length of stay). These amounts will be confirmed at time of booking and added to the trip cost.
*If an airport charges a landing or parking fee (usually under $25) this will be added to the prices shown in the chart.
*For longer routes or late day departures where we don’t have enough daylight to get back to our base before dark there will be an additional fee of $250+ for pilot accommodation, transportation, and meals.

We may also be able to accommodate heavier groups on a case-by-case basis.

“Wait & Return” service is available if you have an appointment or meeting you would like us to fly you to, wait, and then fly you home. Pilot waiting time is charged at $40/hour.

Having a flexible schedule is recommended, as our flights are weather-dependent. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable flight getting to your destination so if the weather forecast isn’t predicting good conditions the flight will need to be rescheduled.

Popular Destinations

Some of our most popular destinations are Manitoulin Island, Killarney, and Griffith Island, since we can get there from Seaforth or Goderich in about an hour and a half or less – saving you valuable time over travelling there by car and/or boat. If you need to travel to downtown Toronto for a meeting or social outing we can land at Toronto Island Airport, right in the heart of Toronto.

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